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Tridium Industries carries the full line from Applied System Technologies, the makers of the Infinity – All Metal Piping system – for compressed air.
Your compressor purchase is just the start.
The Infinity product catalogues below will assist you in completing your compressed air distribution from pressure regulators down to quick-connects.

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INFINITY - Optimum Performance Innovative Design

InfinityImagine a non-ferrous metal system that offers superior strength with a lightweight design or a system that is easy to install yet ensures high performance and versatility. At Applied System Technologies, that’s what we did to create Infinity — the first all-metal, the quick-connect piping system at an affordable price.

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Large Capacity AluminumTaking large diameter piping systems to a new level. Compressed Air / Vacuum / Inert Gases – 73mm (2.5”) – 273mm (10”). Elevation from Applied System Technologies (AST) has taken large diameter piping systems to a new level.

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Essentials Accessories Catalogue

Air System EssentialAST is proud to offer a line of essential accessory items to enhance your distribution system’s performance. These essentials consist of industry best drains, flow controllers, water removers, valves, and hose reels to complete your distribution system and enhance your system’s performance.

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Opti-Pro Hose Reel-flyer

Opti-Pro-Hose Reel-flyerOpti-Pro hose reels provide better safety and efficiency when hoses are needed to power tools or equipment. The Opti-Pro hose reel keeps hoses off the floor to reduce the risk of a trip or slip hazards. These reels also protect the hose, preventing kinks and other damage, which translates to additional up-time and reduced pressure loss to the tool or equipment.

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